LADURÉE. Hell yes.

So, recently, there has been a new store opening in Stockholm that the whole city is buzzing about. If you hadn’t already guessed, Ladurée has come to town! Hell yes! I’ve been meaning to stop by since it opened about a week ago but I haven’t gotten around to it. Today though, I stepped into pastel paradise. I was so overwhelmed by the atmosphere that I forgot to take pictures, not only inside the store, but I also forgot to actually photograph the macarons I purchased. I mean, really Carolina, really…? Anyhow, I went all out and bought myself five macarons that I brought home in my little Ladurée bag. Like a proud mama. Kind of. I got chocolate, cherry blossom, cassis, salted caramel and lemon. My favourite was definitely the cassis, absolutely remarkable! If I go there again (if..? more like when), I’ll take some nice pictures for you blog readers and the interwebs! Anyhow, I know I’m super slow, I have three blog posts that will go up this week. Sorry about the horrible delay, I’ve just been so busy and with pollen season slamming me in the face, I’ve been pretty much just studying and sleeping these past few weeks…

Happy baking!


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